HOPE becomes one of the Rotherham Mayor’s Chosen Charities


Local charity HOPE, is celebrating after becoming one of the new Rotherham Mayor’s chosen charities for his 2023/24 term of office.

Councillor Robert Taylor was elected as Rotherham’s new Mayor on 19th May.

He continues the tradition of choosing a small number of charities to support with his fundraising efforts throughout the year. These are groups that strive to help the people and communities of the Rotherham borough.

HOPE is a cause close to Councillor Taylor’s heart, given its work to support families who have been bereaved or affected by traumatic events such as road traffic collisions, fires or drowning. The Mayor was a fire fighter with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue for over 30 years, so has seen first hand the pain, grief and suffering these types of incidents can cause.

The other charities to benefit from the Mayor’s fundraising efforts include:

The Common Lands of Rotherham – which is Rotherham’s oldest charity, set up to help the poor and needy. Today it still offers support for those in need and gives out educational scholarships and bursaries as well as gifts of Christmas “Doles” to those in need.

The Rotherham Hospital and Community Charity – which aims to enhance patient care by providing those extra touches that make a difference. It raises money to fund resources and equipment for patients and their families.

HOPE’s Charity Operations Manager, Maryann, and peer group facilitator Jo, attended the Mayor Making ceremony to see Councillor Robert Taylor become Rotherham’s first citizen of the town. They were accompanied by HOPE’s therapy dog, Oliver.

HOPE will support the Mayor with his fundraising activities throughout his term of office. At the end of the year, the charity will receive a share of the monies raised.

Welcoming the Mayor’s nomination Maryann said, “We are honoured and so thankful to be chosen as one of the Rotherham Mayor’s charities for 2023/24. We support families from Rotherham and the wider South Yorkshire who have had a loved one killed in a road traffic collision, fire or drowning or have witnessed such a traumatic incident. The donation from the Mayor will help us to continue to support those families who come to us and extend our offer to them.”

About HOPE

At HOPE we provide free and unlimited support to people bereaved or affected by traumatic events such as road traffic collisions, fires or drowning. We support children and adults of all ages, from all backgrounds.

HOPE has been supporting people since 2006. We are an inclusive group; our loss is what brings us together. We support you and your family in your time of need, for however long you need.



Joanne Wehrle
Collision Project Co-ordinator
HOPE charity
Mobile: 07864 613139
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Web:     www.hope-sy.org.uk