HOPE support for Project EDWARD


HOPE is once again supporting the Project Edward road safety week of action which runs from 15-19 May.

Project Edward (standing for Every Day Without A Road Death) is one of the country’s biggest platforms for showcasing good practice in road safety. The national campaign is backed by government, the emergency services, highways agencies, road safety organisations and businesses.

It promotes an approach to road safety called “Safe Systems” which is being widely adopted by many public organisations as a way of addressing road safety and ultimately eliminating deaths and serious injuries on the roads.

The theme for 2023 is “Safer Mobility, Everyone’s Responsibility”. The campaign aims to share good practice by publicising some of the best work being done around the country to promote the 5 main strands of work as part of the Safe Systems approach. These are Safe roads, Safe vehicles, Safe speeds, Safe road users and Post crash response.

As a charity that works to support families who have had a loved one killed in a road traffic collision, HOPE recognises the importance of working to reduce the number of people injured on the roads.

Charity Operations Manager, Maryann, welcomes the spotlight on road safety issues. She said, “We look forward to seeing how key organisation in South Yorkshire such as the local authorities, Police and Fire and Rescue are implementing the Safe Systems approach and working towards their vision of zero deaths. We are pleased to see this approach being adopted locally as well as more widely across the country. Campaigns such as Project Edward are key to raising the profile of road safety and getting everyone involved in delivering a safer road network.

“Our work at HOPE also encompasses a preventative approach in a bid to reduce the number of families who have to experience the trauma of having a loved one killed in a road traffic collision. We will soon be launching our new road safety sessions for young people not in mainstream education, which encourage and support them to become safer road users.

“And we will continue to follow and promote key road safety campaigns which aim to influence road users’ attitudes and behaviours. Ultimately, we all want a safer road network with fewer serious injuries and deaths.”

More information about Project Edward can be found at Home 2023 – Project EDWARD

About HOPE

At HOPE we provide free and unlimited support to people bereaved or affected by traumatic events such as road traffic collisions, fires or drowning. We support children and adults of all ages, from all backgrounds.

HOPE has been supporting people since 2006. We are an inclusive group; our loss is what brings us together. We support you and your family in your time of need, for however long you need.



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