HOPE supports the “Let’s Talk about Speed” Road Safety Campaign


Local trauma charity HOPE is supporting the 2023 Road Safety Week which this year runs from 19th to 25th of November.

This annual campaign, organised by the road safety charity Brake, aims to highlight the preventable deaths and injuries on UK roads and encourage local communities, businesses and individuals to take action to make our streets safer.

The theme for this year’s campaign is “Let’s talk about speed”.

Five people die on roads in the UK every day, with travelling too fast and exceeding the speed limit being a contributory factor in 25% of these collisions. So why do people still think it is OK to speed?

Higher speeds translate into an increased risk of a crash. The faster a vehicle is travelling, the longer the stopping distance will be and the harder you will hit something. That’s why higher speed collisions increase the risk of someone being killed or seriously hurt on the road.

Maryann, Charity Operations Manager at HOPE said, “Many of the families who come to us have had a loved one killed in a road traffic collision. We provide free and unlimited support for people to help them deal with their bereavement. Every fatality on the road that can be prevented is one less family who have to go through the pain, grief and suffering of such a traumatic death.  That’s why we support Brake’s campaign to raise awareness of road safety issues and encourage safer road use.”

HOPE also offers a road safety workshop for young people aged 13-18 years, delivered outside of mainstream school settings. As part of this session the young people are supported to identify risks when travelling by car, including the driver speeding, being distracted, being intoxicated or not wearing a seatbelt.

Joanne, HOPE’s project co-ordinator for these sessions said, “As part of our preventative approach to road safety, our presenters encourage the workshop participants to come up with solutions to minimise or avoid getting into these risky situations which could result in a collision. The families who come to us at HOPE have suffered such heartache. We don’t want others to have to experience that same sorrow and distress.”

We can all play a part in helping to reduce the number of people killed on the roads. Drivers can stick to the speed limit and drive to the conditions of the road. Passengers should never encourage a driver to speed and can challenge drivers who they feel are driving too fast. And everyone can be part of the conversation, to spread the message that it’s not OK to speed.


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At HOPE we provide free and unlimited support to people bereaved or affected by traumatic events such as road traffic collisions, fires or drowning. We support children and adults of all ages, from all backgrounds.


HOPE has been supporting people since 2006. We are an inclusive group; our loss is what brings us together. We support you and your family in your time of need, for however long you need.





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